How to get a new home in Cincinnati

In the wake of the 2016 tornado, which killed four people and damaged more than 50,000 homes and businesses, Cincinnati and the city’s suburbs began to take steps to prepare for another devastating storm.

But many of the same residents who saw their homes ravaged by the tornado may not have a new place to call home for the foreseeable future.

The tornadoes hit on April 25, 2016, when the ground was still a frozen tundra, but residents began to notice a strange change.

They began to see red, white and blue lights that could be seen on the ground.

The lights were a sign of a “tornado storm,” the term used by the National Weather Service to describe an extreme weather event, according to Cincinnati-based reporter Tom O’Connor.

O’Connor has been tracking the lights since the tornado.

He says he’s been to many homes that had fallen victim to the tornado and many that weren’t damaged.

But he has yet to see anything that would indicate a tornado had caused the red, red-and-blue lights.

It’s a mystery to O’Connors.

When he looked at the data, he noticed the red and white lights didn’t appear to be coming from a tornado.

He says he has no way of knowing if there are other tornadoes that caused the lights.

The Cincinnati Museum of Art has been working with local residents to try to figure out how to better protect the arts and cultural space.

One of the goals is to install some type of surveillance system to monitor the lights, O’Connell says.

The museum’s mission statement includes a “safe and inviting” vision for the museum.

But O’Sullivan says the vision for this new vision is less clear.

He believes the new vision will be different from the museum’s current vision.

“It’s not a safe and inviting space,” he says.

“The vision is to be a more welcoming space.”

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