How to be an anti-racist in today’s world

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is holding its annual event celebrating the work of its contemporary art director, Darryl James, who has spent the last 20 years exploring the intersection of race, religion and history.

The opening of the exhibition, called “The Holocaust,” will be followed by a panel discussion and an opening reception at the museum’s new gallery.

A panel of distinguished scholars will be joined by the curator, curator of the museum, the director of the Met, the museum president and other officials.

In a statement, the Met’s chair, Mark Kurlansky, said the event will be a rare opportunity to hear from James.

Kurlansky said James has spent a lifetime working with the American Jewish community, from his early years as an intern to the present.

He has been called “the most important Jewish curator in the United States,” and “a national leader in Jewish art and Jewish history,” he said.

He also said James was an outspoken critic of the Holocaust, including the fact that the museum has never had a Holocaust exhibit.

He also has been a critic of Holocaust deniers.

The museum has had a diverse range of exhibits from contemporary art, including work by the Jewish Holocaust survivor and Holocaust activist Michael Chabon.

Kurt Nimmo, director of New York City’s Jewish Museum, said James’s work will be an important piece in the museum and a testament to the legacy of the Jewish people.

He said that his museum will present “a powerful and powerful story, which is that the American people are still deeply committed to a Jewish nation, a Jewish state, and to the Jewish faith, even as they grapple with the legacy and implications of the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust.”

The museum is scheduled to open its new gallery on Saturday, the same day the Met will host its annual Holocaust exhibit at its flagship New York Museum of Modern Art.

The Met will also host an exhibition on the Holocaust by the American-born British art director David Hockney.

The exhibit, titled “On the Holocaust: An American View,” will open in October.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in New York is set to open a new gallery in September.

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