How the Ark of the Covenant was created, preserved, and is now on display at the New Museum

The Ark of St. John the Baptist was the first of a new museum dedicated to the history of the Hebrews, and the Ark has been in the New Jerusalem museum since 1995.

The new museum is a major milestone in the journey of the ancient world’s second greatest cultural icon, and its opening is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 26.

The museum will open on the site of the original Temple Mount.

New Jerusalem’s director, Ephraim Katz, told The Associated Press in an email that the museum will showcase the archaeological treasures found there.

The New Jerusalem Museum was created by the New York City Council to “expand the historical and cultural significance of the Old City of Jerusalem.”

Its mission is to preserve and restore ancient sites for future generations.

The site is known as the Temple Mount, which is believed to have been the site where Jesus was crucified.

It was built in the 5th century B.C. by the Philistines, who are also known as Jews.

Its location is disputed.

Archaeologists believe that the temple was built by the Phoenicians, a Greek-speaking people that arrived from Asia around 500 B.A. After the Philistine empire fell in 576 B.E., its territory was divided between the Phœnicians, who lived in Egypt, and an alliance of Phoenician states.

In 622 B.T., the Phænicians took control of Jerusalem and the ancient city, and they built a new temple.

Katz said in an interview with the AP that the Old Jerusalem museum will include more than 1,000 artifacts, including an 11th century silver jar, coins, and coins from the 6th century, which include the inscription: “The Temple Mount was the place of the Lord.

He was a God of Israel.”

He said the temple is the most important artifact in the museum.

It will be housed in the new museum’s new exhibition hall, which Katz says will be “a big, beautiful and spectacular space.”

The museum also has a second section that will house the biblical story of the Exodus, which has been a subject of contention for more than a century.

Katz has argued that the Exodus was part of the historical fabric of the Bible, and that its details were influenced by the culture of the Philists.

The Bible describes the exodus as an “exodus from Egypt” that was “part of a long series of events” and that it was “a miracle” that Israel was saved.

The Exodus was also a story of “miracles” that took place around the world.

Katz told the AP the biblical Exodus story is “the most significant story in the Bible,” and the museum would include an interactive exhibit featuring some of the biblical figures who participated in it.

“In the story, God miraculously saved Israel, but the Philicians’ rebellion, the great war that ensued and the slaughter of all Israel’s children by the Romans is portrayed as an actual event that took part in the exodus from Egypt,” Katz said.

“So that story is a part of our cultural fabric.”

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