The Louvre’s Collection of Contemporary Jewish Moulds

The Louvres collection of jewish moulds includes more than 5,000 pieces of jewellery, which was first opened in 1955 by the then-president of France.

It was donated to the Louvre in 2006, but it has been in storage ever since.

The collection, which also includes several rare artworks, has now been restored and will be moved to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Here are some of the most interesting jewellery from the collection. 


Pierogière 1:   In 1956, a young Italian-born jewellery designer named Pierogière designed a necklace that would become a cult favourite for the next 40 years.

The piece, created by a man called Piero Toscani, was the first piece of jewelled jewellery that was created in the style of a ‘pierogière’, meaning a man dressed in the fashion of a jeweller. 


The ‘Johannesburg’ necklace The jewellery of the Johannesburg jewellery shop in 1956, which would later be restored.

The original necklace was created by Piero’s brother, the jeweller Vincent, and was made from a piece of sapphire glass. 


Skeletons and other jewellery The jewellers were also known for creating jewellery with the skulls and other bones of the dead as the base, but the bones were removed in order to create jewellery more realistic. 


Jewellery from a jewellery factory In 1958, a company called the Deutsch-Paupaujewellinische Werke in Hamburg bought the jewellery workshop of a company that specialized in creating jewelled metalwork.

They used this factory to create the skeleton jewellery. 


Johanne de Graaf-Dreyfus The first woman to hold the post of French President in the modern era, De Graaf Dreyfous is the second-longest serving woman in French history after Marie Antoinette.

In 1956, De Griaf Drouen de Graf began her career as a jeweller. 


Wool and lace jewellery Woven wool, cotton, linen, and silk were used in the jewelled jewelry. 


Dry-dipping In 1958, DeGraaf Dries created the first dry-drying jewellery in the world. 8. 

Crown Jewels, made of gold, silver and bronze, were also created by De Graf. 


Mimicry Mims and imitation jewellery were created by Dries in the 1950s. 


Chandelier  Candeliers were made of diamond, silver, bronze, and gold. 


Lacquer  Lakering was also a big part of jewelling, and this was created with diamonds, silver plating and gold in the 1960s.

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