The Butterfly Museum of London

The Butterfly is a beautiful butterfly sculpture that has been on display in London since 2005.

Now it’s getting its own museum. 

The Butterfly Museum will open its doors at the Belfast City Museum in 2021, a move that will give the museum a permanent home in London. 

“The Butterfly is the most famous butterfly in Europe and has been in museums for the last 25 years,” said the museum’s director, Tom Smith. 

It’s a piece that’s been around for years, and we’ve had some fantastic exhibitions.

We want to keep it that way and bring it to the forefront of the city.

It represents the city as a whole. “

It’s the perfect symbol for the city,” said Smith.

“It represents the city as a whole.

The butterfly has a great range of shapes and colours, so you can’t just paint a butterfly in a single colour and call it a sculpture.”

Smith has been designing, designing, and creating the Butterfly since 2009. 

Smith said the sculpture was designed to capture the essence of London, and that it is not just a sculpture, but a symbol of the City of London.

“This is a piece of London’s history, a symbol, and it’s a very important symbol for Londoners,” he said.

The Butterfly has been part of the London Museum of Modern Art since 2002.

It was a permanent exhibition at the London Science Museum in 2008, and has since been on permanent display at the Louvre in Paris.

Smith said he hopes to bring the Butterfly to the new museum.

“We’ve already made a huge commitment and have been able to bring it back to the Louve Museum,” he told The Independent.

“The Butterfly, I think, is something we’re going to be able to really showcase here.”

Smith has also been involved in the creation of a new exhibition, The Butterfly: A New York Story.

He said the Butterfly is about the history of the capital.

“I think it’s the most iconic sculpture in London, but also one of the most important, because of the importance of London and the history that it has,” he explained.

“So it’s about a city that was so important, it was so beautiful, and was so diverse, it had such different cultures, and yet it was still so united.”

In that way, it represents London in its entirety.

“The butterfly is the world’s largest living animal.

It has a wingspan of more than 70 centimetres (2.7 feet), and can be up to three metres (13 feet) long.

It has been known to travel up to five miles (8 kilometres) per hour (6 knots) and has a maximum weight of 1,100 kilograms (3,300 pounds).”

It has an amazing range of colours and textures and I’ve always been drawn to this,” Smith said.”

The idea that you can put it on a wall and have a butterfly fly around and you can see what the butterflies are doing, that’s something that I think the Butterfly has.

“As an artist, it’s always appealed to me.”

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