How to create a ‘new’ and ‘different’ painting of ‘The Big Bang’

How do you create a painting that is ‘different’? 

And how do you do it? 

In this video series, I’ll explain. 

But first, some background information on the Big Bang theory. 

The Big ‘Bang’ Theory is one of the most popular theories of the origins of the universe. 

It posits that the universe was born in a ‘bubble’ (the shape of the cosmos in our universe) which was slowly expanding as it formed the Big Crunch. 

In some ways, this fits with the physical laws of the Big ‘Boom’ theory, which suggests that the ‘bubbles’ that formed the universe were formed in a very small amount of time. 

If this theory is true, then it is reasonable to expect that there would be a lot of ‘bubbling’ around the Big Bunch. 

To test this, astronomers have observed that the expansion of the Universe, which was happening in a single instant, has been accelerating for some time now. 

For example, the Hubble Space Telescope has been detecting the ‘infrared signature’ of the expansion in visible light and the expansion has been increasing exponentially for a few billion years now.

The expansion has also accelerated in the other direction, towards the edge of the observable Universe. 

As a result, the distance between us and the Big Bubble is becoming ever smaller. 

So, how do we create a new painting that shows a new perspective? 

Well, it is not so easy. 

You have to create the painting without any colour or contrast in the composition. 

However, the problem is that colour is a natural element in the universe and so there are a lot more natural colours in nature than in painting. 

We can also imagine the colour of the sky in the sky as a natural colour to colour the painting.

So, if the painting is white, the sky will look white. 

Then, you would have to use the natural colours of the natural world, which we have to look at in order to make a colour image. 

All in all, it will be a bit of a slog. 

And the problem with this theory isn’t that it’s not valid. 

On the contrary, it can be applied in many other fields of science. 

Let’s see what we can do with it. 

How do we make a new and different painting of The Big Bang? 

First, we have a basic question: how do the ‘buzz’ of an explosion create the colours we see in the picture? 

And this is where the concept of the ‘Newtonian Colour Theory’ comes in. 

This theory suggests that when an explosion occurs, the ‘bang’ creates the colour that we see. 

Essentially, this means that, if we are lucky, we will see the colours from the explosion in our painting.

If not, we see a different colour. 

Now, this theory can be used in many different fields of art. 

Here are a few examples:  In painting, the colours that we get are created by a phenomenon known as ‘photonic scattering’. 

For instance, the colour red in a painting could come from the fact that there is a small amount (or a very large amount) of light passing through a small area of paint, causing the light to scatter. 

Similarly, the red colour that appears in a photograph of a painting can come from scattering of the light from a particular colour on the paint surface. 

 Now these scattering phenomena can occur at any time.

But when an event like a supernova is about to occur, these scattering events occur much faster and the colour seen in the painting becomes more red. 

Furthermore, in order for a painting to appear red, the painting must contain a lot (or very high) amounts of red pigment, and the more red the pigment is, the more it will appear red.

So, what is a painting made up of? 

A painting is made up in part of what is known as the ‘background’. 

This is the colour space where the painting will be. 

Some of the colours will be red, some will be blue and some will also be green. 

When an object is placed in the colour spaces of these two colours, the paint is made. 

These are called ‘background colours’. 

But, there are other colours in the background space as well, such as the yellow, green, blue and white colours. 

Of course, these colours are just background colours, but they are all useful to create colours that can be viewed by a viewer. 

(For example: green light can be seen by humans because the green light comes from the sun.) 

In a painting, these different colours have different properties. 

What is an ‘inert colour’? 

For the paint to be able

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