How to buy a ticket to the ERIC CARLE MUSEUM

Playing street museums, shopping malls and theatres is a popular tourist attraction in Dublin.

But the city is also a world-class city for art lovers.

With its vibrant art scene, vibrant arts and culture sector, and world-leading infrastructure, Dublin is in a prime position to host an international exhibition of the most exciting contemporary artworks.

With a range of exhibition spaces across the city, there are plenty of options for visitors from around the world to explore the city.

There is also an abundance of great local art galleries, galleries and museums, which cater to all tastes.

Here are some of our favourites.

You’ll find a range the most popular street museums in Dublin:The City Museum, the main museum of the city; the Art Gallery of Ireland; the Fine Arts Gallery of Dublin; the Museum of Fine Arts; the Museums of Ireland and the Dublin Museum; the Irish Centre for the Arts; and the Contemporary Arts Centre.

Visit one of these:The Art Gallery, at the centre of the City of Dublin, hosts a wide range of contemporary art, sculpture, photography, film and video.

Visit the Art Centre, which has a wealth of contemporary and international art, and a collection of over 1,500 works of art.

The Art School, in the centre part of the Arts District, has an extensive collection of contemporary works.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts, located in the heart of the CBD, hosts exhibitions and lectures on a wide variety of subjects.

The Fine Arts Museum, in Dublin’s north inner city, has a large collection of works from all over the world.

The Irish Centre, located on the ground floor of the Art School in the city centre, is the centre for exhibitions, lectures and cultural events.

The Dublin Art Gallery has over 1 million square feet of space.

The National Gallery, the largest gallery in Ireland, has galleries in Dublin, Dublin Castle and the city’s two main tourist attractions, the city and the Castle.

Visit any of these and discover more.

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