How the city of Portland, Oregon became home to the world’s first frozen dessert

The museum is a rare place for people to visit a frozen dessert, but this week the city has opened its doors to all and sundry.

It is located on the city’s east side.

It opened on Sunday and features exhibits on the history of ice cream, ice cream history and the history and origins of the dessert itself.

There is also an ice cream shop and ice cream lounge that serves the dessert and ice maker.

The museum, the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon State Library are also part of the museum.

Portland Art Museums’ curators, Kristin Egerman and Kristine Liss-Riordan, created the exhibit, called Ice Cream and Ice Art.

They said it was important to explore the world of ice-cream art to show that art and art history are intertwined.

“Our goal was to bring together some of the most influential artists in the world to showcase some of their most creative works, and to engage in conversations about the connection between art and culture,” Liss, curator of art and design at the museum, told ABC News.

Egermann said that there are so many people who are interested in ice- cream that it was difficult to keep the focus on just the ice cream.

“We were surprised how many people were interested in the museum,” she said.

“It’s a museum that has the capacity to showcase a huge number of people.

We were excited about what we could do with this space.”

The ice cream is served at the Ice Cream Bar, located in the front of the Museum of Ice Cream in Portland, on June 23, 2018.

It’s part of a collection of more than 150 ice cream sculptures that will go on display in October.

Eager to celebrate the history, the museum has a special ice cream sundae for guests who bring their own ice cream and it is named after one of its curators.

There are two flavors of the sundae, with the white one being a traditional American version and the brown one being the popular British ice cream treat.

The first of the ice-covered treats is served with cream and sugar.

The second is a more modern dessert.

It has a chocolate-flavored whipped cream and a chocolate peanut butter topping.

The icecream is sold at the store for about $2.50, with guests getting a 10 percent discount if they bring their family and friends.

Liss said the curators wanted to make sure that people didn’t feel isolated.

“There is this kind of stigma around eating ice cream in general,” she told ABC.

“I wanted to really make sure people didn`t feel isolated because there were so many of us out there and we all wanted to share a moment together.”

Liss added that she is happy to be part of this new, international experience.

“This is really a celebration of the history behind ice cream,” she added.

“In a world where ice cream has become a lot more global, we want people to be able to enjoy their own culture and take part in it.

This is something that we are all trying to take back to home.”

The museum has hosted similar events before, like one in May, when the museum held a celebration for its 100th anniversary.

In addition to the ice and ice cake, there is also a special exhibit about the art of ice and chocolate making and a children’s ice-making class.

“For the first time ever we are celebrating the history,” Lisker said.

Liskers team has been working to make the ice bar the city`s first ice-based restaurant, with a focus on the people who make it.

“That`s the thing that really excited me about doing this,” she continued.

“The idea of having ice cream for the first person who comes in and takes a bite, we`re trying to have it as authentic and welcoming as possible to everyone who comes into the museum.”

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