How to find slime mounds in the Netherlands

A recent survey by Dutch public broadcaster NOS showed that the number of slime mound discoveries in the country’s national parks is on the rise.

In 2014, around 60 percent of all the national parks in the Dutch Republic were found to have at least one slime mound, according to the survey.

This year, more than 50 percent of the national park sites were found with more than one, the broadcaster said, with some of the parks even having more than two.

The number of confirmed slime molds has risen by more than a third, from 2,532 to 4,527 in 2016.

The national park authority said that more than 30 percent of parks across the Netherlands have found slime mites, which are a species of microorganism found in soil, water and soil molds.

“Our job is to identify all the mounds and then we can go to the parks and we can collect the specimens,” said park manager Christian Van Woude.

“This can be very dangerous because we need to be vigilant because we don’t know what the molds might be.”

We can’t have any mistakes and the moths can bite and get sick, so we need people to be very careful.

“If there are any problems with the specimens, we can’t send them back.”

The number one threat to Dutch public health is mould.

The molds are believed to be the cause of the high incidence of childhood illnesses, including asthma and obesity.

Moulds can grow on rocks, tree trunks and other hard surfaces, which can be a real challenge for anyone working in the field.

“The biggest danger is if we don

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