What to know about the Guggenhofer, Frost and Museum’s new collections

The Frost Museum’s newly added collection of historic artifacts, including a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, has been curated by the National Museum of American History.

“We wanted to bring that history to life,” said Sarah Burdick, the museum’s director of collections.

“It’s something that’s a part of who we are and what we do.”

The new collection, titled “The Civil War: A Journey,” includes items from the Civil War, from the war itself to the Civil Rights Movement and the founding of the American flag.

“The collection will be the centerpiece of our exhibitions,” Burdik said.

It includes items dating back to 1864, including portraits of prominent figures including Abraham Lincoln and John Adams.

The new Gugginhofer collection includes items including a 17th-century portrait of Jefferson Davis by J.D. LeBreton, a 1775 engraving by John F. Kennedy and a 1776 engraved portrait of President Abraham Lincoln by James T. Garfield.

The museum is opening a new gallery to showcase the new collection in its main building.

It will open to the public on Friday, Oct. 30.

In addition to a new exhibit on the Civil-War conflict, the Frost Museum also plans to exhibit the new Lincoln-era engravings from the National Archives, the National Security Agency and the United States Mint.

The Lincoln engravings, including the “Lincoln on the Medal of Freedom” from the 1864 inauguration and “Lincolns Victory Medal” from 1862, are part of a larger exhibition called “Lords of the North: Lincoln, the Union and the Civil Wars.”

The Frost Museum and Lincoln Museum are both housed in the former Georgia State Capitol, where the Georgia Historical Society’s permanent exhibition is located.

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