Children’s museum in Minneapolis to reopen with haunted exhibits

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) The Minnesota Children’s Museum will be open again on Wednesday with its first live performances, a new exhibition, a special show for children and a new stage for live music.

The museum, which has been closed since January due to a state budget standoff, has reopened with a new exhibit, new stage and live music, and a collection of vintage photographs of Minneapolis and its people.

The Minnesota Childrens Museum, located at 1515 West St. Paul St., will host a performance by local band The Chasers at 10 a.m.

Wednesday, with a live concert by the band The Minnesotans at 1 p.m., with performances from a new group The Minnehogs.

The new stage will be a live performance of the band’s song, “All the Stars.”

The museum will host live performances by the Chasers, who have performed for decades at its Minneapolis location.

A new live band, The Minniesons, will play a concert at the museum at 7 p.s.m.; a concert from 10 a,m.

to 5 p.t. in the museum’s new basement stage.

The Minnesotsons were the first musicians to perform live at the Minnesota Children Museum in 1974, but have performed only at the Minneapolis museum since.

The Chasers were instrumental in bringing the Minnesota children’s art museum to life, and they’ve performed at the gallery’s Minneapolis location since 1975.

The Minnsotsons, who perform under the name The Minnedays, have performed there since 1982.

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