Why is Chicago art museum’s museum of architecture still being built?

The city’s Chicago Art Museum has been struggling to build a new headquarters since the start of the economic crisis.

Now, the museum is again being forced to find ways to keep its building going while its budget is slashed.

In February, the city announced a $5 million funding plan that will allow the museum to stay open for another five years.

That money comes from the federal government, but it also comes with some limits.

In particular, the money will not be used for the construction of the new museum.

It will instead go toward paying for the renovation of the museum, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The city’s plan also limits how much the museum will receive in public funding, and how much it can spend on advertising and promotions.

That means that it can’t run a big festival, like Chicago’s annual Art Basel or MOMA, that draws artists and the public alike.

The museum’s budget for the next five years is $4.5 million.

The plan includes $1.6 million to hire a staff member to help the museum with its advertising and promotion efforts.

That figure is not to be counted toward the $2 million the museum receives annually from the Illinois Arts Council.

According to the Tribune, that is about half the $4 million that the museum’s previous budget had requested.

The money was a major boost to the museum during the recession, when the museum struggled to keep up with rising costs.

The building has been in disrepair for years, and the Chicago Art Department said it is struggling to find funds to repair it.

The department is currently trying to raise $6.5 to $7 million through a $1 million crowdfunding campaign, but that has been met with little success.

In addition to the $1-million goal, the Chicago Arts Council has set aside $500,000 for the building, according the Tribune.

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